Leeds, Day 1

We arrived in Leeds today, exhausted and jet-lagged. Our house won’t be ready for us to move in until after I attend UK Fulbright Orientation in London in early September, so we are staying in a cramped room in a careworn hotel for now, but it has a nice library that we have taken over.   Image

It has been overcast and drizzling all day…that is to say, a typical Leeds day.

We explored the neighborhood and stopped at a cute sandwich shop called The Bee Hive for our first pot of real English tea and some salads (needed something healthy after all the airport food.)


The shop owner was really sweet and taught us the different coins (Did you know how much bigger tuppence is than a pound coin? What’s up with that?) Then we found a charity shop where Hank and I each scored new rain boots for £3 each (less than $5) and I found a compact umbrella for £2. Image

Charity shops are amazing here!



4 thoughts on “Leeds, Day 1

  1. You all may be jet-lagged but Anna & Hank look wonderful! When I told your mom that the airport pictures were on facebook, she asked whether there was a picture of you! So you need to get some friendly soul to take a picture of you three. Is there only 1 double bed that you all are going to sleep in? How much have you all slept in the last 24 hours? XOXOXO Alice


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