Come Shopping in Leeds!


Maybe to spite my last post about our rainy day in Leeds, the past two days have been sunny and warm – the perfect weather to discover what Leeds is known for: shopping. As soon as I heard that I would be working in Leeds, I researched the city and read in several places that it is “the Knightsbridge of the North.” Being from the absolute middle-of-nowhere in Tennessee, I had no idea what this could mean. Further research suggested it had something to do with shopping, but what kind? discount malls? upscale boutiques? department stores? who knew? Well, the answer is… all of the above, and more. Several streets and alleys around High Street are full of designer boutiques and upscale department stores like Harvey Nichols, where a doorman in full tux and top hat welcomed us inside.

But then a few streets over there are quirky, independent boutiques and vintage shops, and a little further on are discount department stores and pound shops (ya know, like the dollar store at home.) We thought it was tough to get Anna’s luggage paired down to come to the UK. Now, I can’t imagine what it will be like when we go home next spring.




4 thoughts on “Come Shopping in Leeds!

  1. It’s great to follow your adventures on line. What a treat! Kind of like actually knowing the people who star on a reality tv show…but not sleezy….definitely an intellectually-driven family kind of thing 🙂


  2. Awesome and thanks for sharing about Leeds…… I can’t imagine what a great experience thus will be for your children…..the history… the culture…..ENJOY


  3. Pound shops! Funny! You may have to ship your finds back by UPS a little at a time. Can I send you a list? I am having fun just watching you.


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