British Food


I really do plan to lose weight while I’m here. Really.

Given everything I had always heard about British food, I thought that would be easy. And to think that one of my downfalls might be the savory pie, the very food item I always thought would be the worst. When I read the chapter where Harry sits at his first feast at Hogwarts and delights over steak and kidney pie, I couldn’t help but think he was better off under the stairs on Privet Drive.

And then there’s Mrs. Lovett’s Pie Shop, from Sweeney Todd…

But then I had a Spiced Vegetable Pie at Costello‘s Bakery in Headingly, a suburb of Leeds.

Costellos Spiced Vegetable Pie


And they have cakes and pastries, too.

Costello’s Bakery, Headingly, Leeds

Headingly has other good restaurants, as well. We ate wonderful Thai food at the very elegant Sukhotai. There is even a Mexican restaurant, Caliente Cafe, that can satisfy that craving, even though it is a bit different from our Tex-Mex joints at home (not even free chips and salsa when you sit down) and different from the Mexican food I remember from that other lifetime when I lived in Mexico, briefly.

Of course, we had to eat fish and chips.

Fish and Chips, from Brett’s, Headingly, Leeds

Now that is something I cannot do on a regular basis if an airplane is ever going to get enough lift to take me back home. But look at this charming place.

Brett’s Restaurant, Headingly, Leeds

Note: My last few posts have been basic travel posts as we have been settling into the area, but with my next entries, I am going to switch back to the purpose of this blog – comparing British and American educational systems.


2 thoughts on “British Food

  1. I hope you will continue your postingss about food and culture as well those concerning the education systems…. I love British history and BBC productions of English classics…..especially Jane Austen’s works….the first book I bought for my kindle was pride and prejudice…so please-as time allows- continue with posting all things BRITISH….and watch Downton Abbey this fall ..we won’t get the new season till January. Be safe….we miss you but know you and your children are having a fantastic experience. Be safe…talley ho! 🙂


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