The Dream Begins

This is a new blogging project I am working on with my summer school students. I invite and challenge other teachers and those who work with young people to post their own dreams and tell us a little about your communities. I hope my students can learn about the world outside our small, rural Tennessee town.

International Dream Project

This blog was inspired by a friend of mine, Madiha, who teaches in a rural school near Tiznit, Morocco. She posted this picture on Facebook:


and a description of a project she was working on with her English class. Here’s what she wrote about it:

“A session where my students write about the dreams they wish to fulfill in life and stick them on the wall so they get reminded every time they step into the classroom that school is the first step towards the world each one of them wish to build and be distinguished into. My objective in life is to see all my students realize their own objectives!”

And these are some of the dreams her students submitted:




Ouled Jerrare dream 5      Ouled Jerrare dream 7 Ouled Jarrare dream 6    Ouled Jerrare dream 8Ouled Jerrare dream 9    Ouled Jerrare dream 11Ouled Jerrare dream 13     Ouled Jerrare dream 10

Madiha then shared some pictures of her school and a little about the area where she lives:

Ouled Jerrare, Morocco Dream Wall in classroomOuled Jerrare schoolyardOuled Jarrare classroomOuled JarrareOuled Jarrare schoolOuled Jarrare English Club books

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