Guest Blog from a Former Student

As I wrote in the previous post, no two Late Afternoon School (LA School) students I serve are the same. The program takes different forms for each student. Only one or two students each year need the intensive service that we provide as their only service. Most attend some classes in general education classrooms. This is a guest post from a former student who attended LA School after school hours and during the summers and used a blended learning approach with online coursework during the day. When Braeden and I talked about his writing a guest post, I asked him to explain to others why high school is so difficult for some students. I didn’t mean for his post to be so effusive about LA School, but I appreciate his compliments.


Braeden is a photographer who takes beautiful nature photos of our rural area. His photos can be found at

I started high school with an unknown: that unknown was how will I graduate? I thought I had to drop out because my anxiety and depression got so bad. Medicine didn’t work. I just graduated 8th grade and was looking for something to help me through high school. This is when I found LA school – Late Afternoon School.  It changed my life. I had this feeling that I could maybe succeed even though I have this horrible disorder. LA school gave me a chance. I’ve had anxiety and depression since I was a little kid so I don’t really know what it feels like not having it. LA school was daily and you go in 3-5 and work on your school work. This was amazing because I had no idea they had this. If it wasn’t for LA school I would have dropped out. The teachers there were amazing. They understood me when no one else did. A lot of  teachers thought I was faking and a lot of my friends thought I was. It was hard to explain to them. That’s a part I haven’t learned about how to tell people. LA school has to be one of the best things in my life. It helped me graduate and succeed and they believed in me when I didn’t. I am so blessed to have such great teachers I am now 20 and I take meds for my anxiety and depression. I still struggle but I am blessed to get my diploma. I look at that every day.


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