Why So Many Teachers Homeschool Their Own Children

People may think it’s simply because we can. We are, after all, confident about teaching children. But really, there’s a deeper reason.

SDC10778It’s because we are dreamers. As we obediently teach the state prescribed curriculum and follow the directives of our administration, we are secretly thinking…

What if I could slow down and fully teach the content that really matters – to mastery this time?

What if  I could throw away the bribes and threats to make these kids read and write and think, and instead just share the joy of learning with them?

What if I had time to really listen and learn how well my students understand this stuff, so I don’t waste their precious time with material that’s too easy or too hard?

What if I could create a learning environment that was relaxed and supportive, while still expansive and challenging?

IMG_0067 SDC10716

And we realize that, at least with our own children, we can. But we would like to do the same with yours … if only we could.


3 thoughts on “Why So Many Teachers Homeschool Their Own Children

  1. Singapore does not guarantee FAPE to expats so I may have to home school. (We find out if he got a placement in mid DEC). I do look forward to guiding him in the area of literacy and the arts.


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