Take a Google: Female Teachers/Male Teachers

While researching a post I’m planning for #WomenEd on staffrm.io, I googled the term “female teachers” and discovered a string of images of women-involved-in-sex-scandals-with-students atop a full page of articles that were also almost exclusively about teacher sex scandals.

Out of curiosity, I searched “male teachers” and found that all the images were of models dressed in respectable business attire posed in front of chalkboards (chalkboards? what year is this?) The links were mainly to articles about how we can attract more men to the teaching profession. Goodness knows we must need them to combat all those predatory female teachers.

Who still thinks gender bias plays no role in the world of educational leadership?

googling female teachers imagesGoogling female teachersGoogling male teachers - imagesGoogling male teachers


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