The Thing I Love About Teaching

The thing I love about teaching is the rush that comes from creative problem-solving. Young people come to me to learn, but learning rarely goes according to plan. Obstacles crop up, one after another, and I get to figure out where they came from and conjure on-the-spot solutions.

My days sometimes feel like a competitive reality show, with rapid-fire challenges and a 47 minute time clock – except the decisions I make actually matter. When I’m “in the zone”, it’s a team sport I play with my students, and my job is to convince the rest of my team that it’s worth the effort to get there. Other times, the team surprises me, makes me rethink my core assumptions, and leads me to unexpected discoveries about the learning, about us, and about me.

Sports and reality shows have always bored me. I think that’s because I’ve found something better. And I’m looking forward to a new year.


9 thoughts on “The Thing I Love About Teaching

    • Well, the climate we currently teach in, and the visceral hatred we sometimes encounter from some politicians and certain segments of the population, IS pretty disheartening. But the daily act of teaching young people has always been a thrill and a joy.

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  1. I always loved that elusive feeling of flow in the classroom – when I didn’t feel like I was pulling them, kicking and screaming, into the conversation. I hope you do have an exciting and peaceful year… despite the roar of those around you that seek only to find fault instead of success…xoxox

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    • Yes, “flow” is just the right word. I read Csikszentmihalyi’s book, Flow, a couple of years ago and that is just what I feel when I let myself forget the nonsense involved in teaching and focus on the students and our learning process. Thanks the kind words.

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