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I am a teacher.

I’ve taught students with special needs since 1991 and currently teach work based learning and transitions to post-secondary training and employment in a large, rural high school in Tennessee.


I’ve taught infants to young adults, students with profound disabilities to giftedness, and subjects from life skills to college preparatory academics. I’ve taught in inner city, small town, and remote rural areas of Tennessee. I’ve taught in public schools, private non-profits, and homeschool co-ops. I homeschooled my son and daughter for eleven years.

I believe in the power of education for all students, no matter their ability or background. I believe that education takes many forms and happens in many settings, including our homes, communities, and workplaces, and that all these forms of education are necessary and of value.

My writing in other places:

“Rethinking High School Pathways” in the Sept 2014 Educational Leadership magazine.

“Can We Retire the Bad Teacher Narrative Already?” the Tennessee Education Report blog


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! Teacher!!!
    Teachers are the ones who make this world more beautiful to live.
    They are the ones responsible to shape the generations to come.
    When they have the ability and such a responsibility the world should respect them.
    My salutations to YOU.
    I just Follow YOU!
    I welcome you to my blog.

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