Another shot at American schools, and another “solution”.

I recently read the same article that this blog addresses, and started writing a response that is so similar to this one, I laughed aloud when I stumbled on this, and decided to reblog rather than finish my piece, since this one says it better than I could have.

The Coal Mine

I have seen many articles decrying the way education is delivered in America, for example this one by David Edwards, entitled,

American Schools Are Training Kids for a World That Doesn’t Exist

Edwards starts off by asking, “Are Americans getting dumber?” He laments the decline in math, reading, and literacy skills in America compared to other countries, and identifies an education “crisis”.

Then he goes on to imply that the traditional school model separates learning from doing. And from here he offers a solution: “Maker” workshops.

Maker workshops are all-day workshops in which a class identifies a large societal issue (for example, difficulties that might be face by an aging population). The class is then into small groups which collaboratively tackle a specific problem related to the overall issue (perhaps the problem of lifting heavy pots on a stove), and then seeks to invent a device that will address the problem. The group is given a kit with which to…

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